Endeavoring to Become the Ultimate Cultist – in Television, Sillies – and Pushing Daisies

The Musings of a Perennial Wallflower

I saw an article at Entertainment Weekly about cult TV shows (the top 26 or so of them, anyway) and realized that I’ve seen approximately half or more of the series listed.  It seems I am attracted to the wonderfully weird in television programming, which is not surprising.  What is surprising is that there are several I haven’t seen, and not for lack of desire.  Summer TV viewing is such a slow, typically unsatisfying affair, and August is so close to the premieres of most of the programs I watch, it’s usually at this time of year that I start searching for shows to catch up on and adopt.  True Blood’s season finale airs tomorrow (and that program is getting severely bloated in its narrative directions), and a decidedly cultist program called Grimm, which I watched and quite enjoyed in its first season, was given an early premiere and a…

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