Around the Water Cooler: “True Blood” – HBO Announces That Season 7 Will Be The Last


Who: The show is available to HBO subscribers exclusively, as it is HBO produced original content.  Of course, there are other ways to find it, as it’s kind of massively popular.

What: “True Blood,” a drama wherein vampires have come out of the coffin after the manufacture of a synthetic blood substitute called TruBlood, and a Southern waitress named Sookie Stackhouse, who is a telepath, is at the center of it all (for a more detailed Synopsis, read here:

When: The Season 6 finale aired on Sunday, August 18, 2013, at 9:00 PM on HBO.

Where: The show is set in fictional Bon Temps, Louisiana, in or around present day.

Why: This show was recommended to me by a friend because I love all things with vampires in them and tend to gravitate toward story lines with fantasy, including supernatural, themes.  I have stuck with it because of 1) vampires; 2) the sense of humor; and 3) hot men, particularly Alexander Skarsgard, better known as Eric Northman, the 1000 year old Viking vampire, and Joe Mangianello, aka Alcide Herveux, the resident werewolf.

How – as in How Will We Survive Without It?

In my last post recapping Season 6 of True Blood, I opined that the show may possibly have one good season left in it before HBO should pull the plug.  Apparently, HBO agrees with me, based upon this story from The A.V. ClubThe 2014 and seventh season will be the last of this vampire show.

I can’t say I’m surprised.  As I’ve been saying, True Blood, though still entertaining thanks to the plethora of hot men (well, hot people) populating its cast, is on its last legs from a writing standpoint, and some have been saying that sharks were jumped long ago.  I will be sad not to have an excuse to dream about Alexander Skarsgard every summer, but even I recognize that when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go.  Also, if the show’s producers had followed the source novels by Charlaine Harris just a bit more to the letter, they might not have written themselves into the gaping black hole of story they’ve heretofore created through the addition of too many characters and not enough time to care about any of them.  Frankly, I think Warlow should have been a permanent addition to the cast, and Sookie should have been made a vampire-fairy hybrid like him.  That would have created some interesting complications.  The Vampire Diaries turned Elena into a vampire, and that show is still clipping along at a fine pace.

With that said, however, I hope the writers take this opportunity to create a satisfying ending.  Sookie should be in a stable relationship with someone (though Alcide would not be my first choice).  The vampires should find a way to coexist better with the humans they feed off of, and a few loose ends, such as rabid zombie vampires and Sarah Newlin, still at large, should be neatly tied off.  There’s no need for a grisly, unhappy ending, since all of the season ends have pretty much circled that general drain.

Just my thoughts, anyway.


It was the right call to give the show one more season.  Though still watchable, True Blood is more about its eye candy than its riveting storytelling.


True Blood will return for Season 7, the show’s last, in June 2014.


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