Around the Water Cooler: “The Simpsons,” Season 25 and Imminent Death


Who: “The Simpsons” currently airs on network TV, specifically on FOX, Sundays at 8:00 PM.

What: “The Simpsons,” an animated situation comedy about a lovably middle class family from Springfield, Wherever.  If you seriously don’t know the plot line of The Simpsons, you have been living in a cave, space, the Earth’s core, the Phantom Zone, or any place not of this planet.  The show is freaking 25 years old, man, (for a more detailed Synopsis, read here:

When: The Season 25 premiere aired on Sunday, September 29, 2013, on FOX at 8:00 PM.

Where: The show is set in fictional Springfield, a city that can be found in a variety of actual states but which has not been located precisely since the show’s inception.

Why: Why not?  It’s been on for 25 years.  I don’t watch it regularly anymore, but thanks to syndication and merchandising galore, including some fine video games, I’ve always stayed abreast of the happenings of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and the hundreds of other Springfield residents we’ve come to know and love for a quarter of a century.

How – as in How’s It Going? (THOUGHTS…at present)

This “Water Cooler” post is brought to you by this article from TV Guide:

The news is that the creators are going to off a regular character by season’s end.  Maude Flanders was the last to die, and it’s been over ten years since her untimely clash with a T-shirt shooter at a baseball game.  The real question is who will meet their demise this time?  While I have not watched the premiere or the annual “Treehouse of Horror” compilation this season, I fear for our Springfieldians and their future.  Who after 25 ageless years is going to bite the bullet this time?

Questions, Impressions, and Future Considerations

1) I hope it’s not Comic Book Guy, Mr. Burns, Smithers, our core family, any more Flanders, or some of the funnier supporting characters.  I would not be sad if either of Marge’s sisters, Patty or Selma, passed away.  Also, Grandpa Abe Simpson is looking a little long in the tooth.

2) But really, who could it be?

3) Who still watches the show, and how was the Treehouse this year?


The Simpsons is all about longevity.  It’s not as consistently funny anymore, but to the creators’ and executive producers’ credits, it manages to stay at least somewhat funny and satirically poignant as the years wear on.  This viewer’s morbid fascination stems from how long can it all possibly last?



The Simpsons will probably be on until somebody of a real-life nature dies, like one of the core character voices, such as the voices of the five family members or Hank Azaria and/or Harry Shearer.  Talk about job security.


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