What I Learned From Doctor Who: “The Rescue,” (One, 1965)

Doctor: One (William Hartnell)

Companions: Ian Chesterton (William Russell) and Barbara Wright (Jacqueline Hill)

Time: 2493, or thereabouts.

Place: The planet Dido.


1. “A Powerful Enemy” (Season Two, Episode Ten)
2. “Desperate Measures” (S2, E11)

Today’s Lessons

1. The TARDIS materializes, and the Doctor sleeps right through it, which is, by itself, unnerving to Ian and Barbara.  What’s more, when the Doctor decides to have a look outside, he calls for Susan to open the doors and then catches himself, his lip quivering.  Barbara gently encourages him to teach her how to open the doors.  Poor Doctor!

2. The Doctor, Ian, and Barbara venture outside far enough to recognize that they’ve landed in a cave.  The Doctor then encourages Ian and Barbara to have a look around without going too far.  When they ask him what he’s going to do, he answers that he’s going to have a nap!  I think he’s depressed about leaving Susan behind.

3. While Ian and Barbara discuss what could be the matter with the Doctor, and Ian goes so far as to suggest that the Doctor is getting a bit long in the tooth, the Doctor pops out of the TARDIS and says, “Uh, remember, I can hear what you’re saying.”

4. The Doctor repeatedly notes that he’s been to the planet Dido before and can’t understand why its inhabitants–large, insect-like creatures–have become so hostile (what he doesn’t know is that one of them, named Koquillion, pushed Barbara off a bluff!).

5. Early episodic theory alert: I think Bennett and Koquillion are the same person.  You never see them in the same room, and they are both determined to dissuade Vicki from rescue. Update: I so called it!!!

6. Companion spoiler alert: Vicki becomes a new companion for the Doctor…I reason it is because he looks on her as a sort of surrogate granddaughter to fill the hole that leaving Susan behind left in his heart.  Precious.  Although, of course, Vicki is left alone, no thanks to shifty Bennett/Koquillion.

7. This serial didn’t have much going on in it – it was merely a transitional couple of episodes to introduce the new companion, Vicki.  Still, she seems interesting.  A teenager like Susan, though a bit less high strung.  What adventures shall they meet?

Next serial: “The Romans” (Season 2, Episodes 12-15).


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