Under (Re)Construction and Revamp!


This is your friendly neighborhood couch potato – you may be wondering what happened to all of the informative and fun posts about TV that I was pretty on top of last year?  Well, life happened, and I’m very behind.  I’m a one woman operation and haven’t had tons of time for good solid TV watching.  This hurts me much more than it hurts you, guys.

Also, I am trying to think about how I can make this blog more effective, when I enjoy watching so many TV shows, and I’m covering them all by myself.  So, all of this means that I am currently working on revamping this site.  Some new entries may crop up soon – I’ve been fuming over the True Blood finale for some time now, for example – but the general look and feel of this blog may just get a bit of an overhaul too, in order to make this a fun site for both me to write and any interested parties to read.

Keep checking back, as I’ve got loads to say, and TV to enjoy, and ultimately would like to get more of a conversation going.  So, let’s do it!

Thanks for reading,
Kylie the Couch Potato


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