New Look! New Things!

This blog is about to get lively again!

First, I decided to give it a slight makeover.  Courtesy of the “80s theme” (fitting, no?), you now have really big print for easier eye comfort and a much more streamlined edifice with a whimsical font to boot.  Hey, I didn’t design it, ok, I just liked it and describe it to you thusly.  The menu with the pages, such as the list of what I’m currently watching, is accessible by clicking the dialogue box up in the top left, and a list of recent posts is accessible by clicking the box at the top right.

Second, I’ve added a new feature, called “Dear Show, Sincerely Me.”  The idea behind this entry is to react to more than recap a show, particularly if I’m behind the times.  The trade-off for this entry is that the “Water cooler” entries may not be as frequent, since I’m always catching up nowadays.  That doesn’t mean that if I’m within a stones throw of some major event, I may not bring it up around the water cooler anyway.  Other people do it, so why can’t I?

Third, even when I do write Water cooler entries, I endeavor for them to be shorter.  I know I’m long-winded…which can be a good and bad thing sometimes.  I’m trying to streamline these entries to be more interesting to read as well as to write. Let’s hope I’m successful.

In the meantime, thanks for checking in!  Keep a weathered eye to this blog for further updates…after all, I’m about to play catch up.  Big time!


Kylie the Couch Potato


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