PODCAST! – Around the Water Cooler – Doctor Who – The Season 8 Recap and Discussion (MAJOR SPOILERS)


Who: “Doctor Who” airs on cable TV, specifically on BBC America, Saturdays at 8:00 PM, though the show is currently in hiatus.

What: “Doctor Who,” the long-running British science fiction show about an alien time and space traveler who gallivants across the universe with companions in an effort to save people and/or history and/or the universe itself.  The synopsis changes from Doctor to Doctor, but the above statement pretty much encapsulates all of them.

When: Series 8 premiered in August 2014 and ended with the Christmas Special, which aired on December 25, 2014.

Where: The show is set literally everywhere in the whole universe at any given time, though not without the Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS, and some face of the man who pilots it.

Why:  Once upon a time (no, not that show), friends of mine said precisely this: “Why aren’t you watching Doctor Who?!  It’s science fiction, it’s British, it’s everything you love (short of vampires)!  Watch it!  Do it!”  I started with the 2005 pilot of “Rose” and kept right on chugging. Now, I’m a fully converted Whovian, with an obsessive eye to both past, as in Classic, Who and the future incarnations of the “Madman in a Box.”

How – as in How’s It Going? (THOUGHTS…at present)

I’m so excited to announce the premiere of an entirely new format for this blog!  I have been teasing new types of entries and new formats for months, and regular readers no doubt were skeptical about the veracity of my claims…given that I was only teasing and not producing.  But, lo, I tell the truth!  It’s here! Couch Potatoes Unite! has ventured into the realm of podcasts!  For select shows covered by this blog, discussion will be in a podcast format with a panel “around the water cooler” and recapping seasons or segments of seasons of those programs.  It’s more fun to talk than to write about TV sometimes, especially when there is so much to say!!

This is currently an experiment, but if you like what you hear, let us know by commenting here, at the YouTube site, or via my Facebook page.  I am also going to pipe into an iTunes channel and will update when completed.  If enough people listen, more will be made.

A total of three pilot podcasts will be linked up to the site.  If you like what you hear and want to hear more, let us know!  If there are other shows you’d rather listen to people talking about than to read about from my rambling writings, let us know that too!  If you think we’re mad, go ahead and lay it on us. Tell us what you think either way.  In the meantime, we had fun recording it and hope you have fun listening to it!

Old Questions (following the previous recap of “The Time of the Doctor,” the Matt Smith swansong Christmas special)

1) Is Tasha Lem really River Song?  I mean, she knows how to fly the TARDIS, is inexplicably flirtatious with the Doctor, and they didn’t fail to mention the Doctor’s marriage to River, never fully resolved.  She may have died at some point – but did the Time Lords save her too?

Answer: Still a question!  She has not returned for Capaldi’s tenure as of yet…but could she at some point?

2) Does the new regeneration, given to him rather than ingrained in him, mean Twelve, 13.2, or whatever Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is, that his brain has been addled in the process?

Answer: Arguably…yes.  A little.  A bit.  Quite a lot.

3) Will Clara adjust?  Rose adjusted just fine (hubba hubba), but Clara’s love for the Doctor is strictly platonic.  She is the second revival companion to follow the Doctor into a new regeneration/leading man.

Answer: As is covered in the podcast, it took her a while.

4) Will Gallifrey reemerge?

Answer: Still a question!

NEW QUESTIONS: Listen to the podcast! 


The podcast panel had very mixed views about Peter Capaldi’s Doctor, but the hardcore Whovians were generally optimistic about coming season(s), viewing the eighth season as a transitional year.  What’s more, it’s been confirmed that Michelle Gomez’s Missy/The Master is returning for Season 9.  Some of the panel missed some of the serial storytelling of the Matt Smith years, a trademark of Steven Moffat assuming executive producer duties, but perhaps, the seeds of such storytelling were planted with the reintroduction of this particular enemy of the Doctor’s, or perhaps, Moffat has listened to his critics and gone back to the structure of the Russell T. Davies years.  Either way, the entire panel, the moderator and yours truly included, are excited to watch season/series 9.


Doctor Who was renewed for season 9 and is expected to premiere in August or September 2015.  Until then!


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