Meet the (New) Blogger! – Edgar (Eddie)

We here at Couch Potatoes Unite! are expanding.  You have already heard voices, old and continually new, on our podcasts!  Well, some people wanted to get into the blogging act as well.  From time to time, there will be guest writers reviewing shows on the blog. Because I don’t watch everything.  Because I don’t always have time or interest.  Though, maybe I’ll be convinced to watch more by these additional reviews. Such is the life of a small screen enthusiast.

Anyway, one of our regular podcast panelists wanted to write a review, which will be published later today.  For now, read all about him (his info will also be accessible on the About page, reachable by the little square box in the upper left of the header).

INTRODUCING EDDIE (or EDGAR, his actual name)!

Edgar is from Grand Rapids, Michigan. He works for Charter Communications and enjoys musical theater. Since he works for a cable company, it may come as no surprise that Edgar loves TV. What’s more, he likes to analyze TV – thus, a podcast panelist and TV reviewer was born!

Edgar enjoys trying to figure out what TV writers are thinking when they craft their shows. To wit, some of Edgar’s favorites include Sense8, Lost, and Once Upon a Time, basically shows that offer mystery that Edgar can analyze and figure out, as he likes to be one step ahead of the show.

Edgar is very excited to be a team member of Couch Potatoes Unite! You can hear his voice on the CPU! podcasts for Once Upon a Time, Orange is the New Black (episodes to come), and the one-time “Looking Back” podcast about True Blood (so far!). Writing reviews is a new degree of TV appreciation for Edgar, but he very much enjoyed it and can’t wait to write his next review or sit around the water cooler again.

You will next hear Edgar’s voice when CPU! podcasts about Orange is the New Black, but for now, stay tuned for his forthcoming review about Sense8!

Welcome, Edgar!

Welcome, Edgar!


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