PODCAST! – Around the Water Cooler – Doctor Who – The Season 9 Premiere Podcast Party Discussion (MAJOR SPOILERS)


Who: “Doctor Who” currently airs on cable TV, specifically on BBC America, Saturdays at 9:00 PM.

What: “Doctor Who,” the long-running British science fiction show about an alien time and space traveler who gallivants across the universe with companions in an effort to save people and/or history and/or the universe itself.  The synopsis changes from Doctor to Doctor, but the above statement pretty much encapsulates all of them.

When: Series 9 premiered on September 19, 2015, at 9:00 PM on BBC America.

Where: The show is set literally everywhere in the whole universe at any given time, though not without the Doctor’s ship, the TARDIS, and some face of the man who pilots it.

Why:  Once upon a time (no, not that show), friends of mine said precisely this: “Why aren’t you watching Doctor Who?!  It’s science fiction, it’s British, it’s everything you love (short of vampires)!  Watch it!  Do it!”  I started with the 2005 pilot of “Rose” and kept right on chugging. Now, I’m a fully converted Whovian, with an obsessive eye to both past, as in Classic, Who and the future incarnations of the “Madman in a Box.”

How – as in How’s It Going? (THOUGHTS…at present)

Welcome to a new season of Doctor Who! Our podcast panel was so eager to talk more “Who,” Kristen, Sarah, Nick, and I (but not Amanda, who will rejoin at season’s end) decided to convene together for another Couch Potatoes Unite! first – a Doctor Who Podcast Premiere Party!  We gathered together with snacks, comfy couches, a special junior panelist named Jack (he’s a panelist in training, of course, and already a huge Doctor Who fan), and a bit of BBC America; we watched the premiere and instantaneously digested it verbally while our stomachs were digesting the snacks.  We have some thoughts about what we saw.  How about you?  Give it a listen, and tell us what you think in the comments. Do you agree?  Do you disagree? What are your hopes, fears, and expectations for Peter Capaldi’s second season as the enigmatic Doctor?  What do you think of the announcement heralding Jenna Coleman’s departure from the series after her tenure as companion Clara Oswald?  What do you think of the (“spoilers!”) announcement of the return of Alex Kingston as River Song?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter (@cpupodcast), or email us at couchpotatoesunitepodcast@gmail.com.  We may not be as technologically advanced as the Doctor and his TARDIS…but we’re getting there!  Let us know what you think, either about Doctor Who or this podcast!

Old Questions

1) Is Tasha Lem really River Song?  I mean, she knows how to fly the TARDIS, is inexplicably flirtatious with the Doctor, and they didn’t fail to mention the Doctor’s marriage to River, never fully resolved.  She may have died at some point – but did the Time Lords save her too?

Answer: Still a question!  She has not returned for Capaldi’s tenure as of yet…but it’s been announced that River is coming back!  Will River return as River?  Will Tasha return as Tasha?  Are they the same person?

2) Will Gallifrey reemerge?

Answer: Still a question!


1) Is Missy really Missy?  Or, is she something or someone else?  Nick suspects she is not who she is claiming to be, but Kristen disagrees (listen to the podcast).

2) Did Missy really die at the end of the eighth season?  She says in the premiere that people like her don’t die…so then, where did she go?  And where did she get what looks to be a vortex manipulator like Captain Jack’s?

3) How does the Doctor go back in time to even meet Davros to begin with?  When in his timeline does he meet Davros?

4) Where is Davros from?  Where is the Doctor when he first meets Davros as a young child?

5) What is the old Davros’ aim, other than to destroy the Doctor?  He seems to have an even greater purpose afoot.

6) Where did the Daleks take Clara and Missy?  We assume they are not exterminated.

7) How will Clara be written off the series?  Will they kill off a companion?  Will she reunite with Danny Pink in another dimension, one in which he never became a Cyberman, for a happily ever after ending?

8) Who will the Doctor’s new companion be?  Do we dare to hope that it’s River? When is she coming back?

9) It’s been foretold that Osgood is coming back.  How? Why?

10) Other aliens will make appearances, including the reappearance of the Zygons, reintroduced in the 50th anniversary special.  How will they reemerge?

11) Is Missy in league with the Daleks?

12) Does Peter Capaldi really play the guitar?  All reports seem to say yes.

13) What are the “Hand Bombs,” as Sarah believed they are called in the podcast?  How are they important?

14) What are other villains and creatures that might we see from the Classic Who this year?

15) Who is Maisie Williams (Arya Stark from Game of Thrones) playing in upcoming episodes?  Nick thinks it might be companion and Time Lady Rumana from Four’s term.  Others are predicting she is Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter first introduced with William Hartnell.  Maybe she’s someone all new…but who?


The podcast panel is cautiously intrigued about the upcoming season, with more comfort in Capaldi’s 12th Doctor.  The panel universally enjoys Michelle Gomez as Missy, but there is dissension about how effective Jenna Coleman has been as a transitional companion between Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor and Capaldi’s 12th.  Most are comfortable with her departure, though this viewer has enjoyed her to a point.   Some of the panelists are not looking forward to spending too much time with the Daleks, but the longer term Whovians accept their presence as a given, along with the Cybermen and the Master.  The entire panel is eagerly awaiting the return of River Song and secretly or not so secretly hopes for Catherine Tate to somehow return as Donna Noble someday.  Either way, the entire panel, the moderator and yours truly included, are excited to see what happens in season/series 9.


Doctor Who airs each Saturday on BBC America.  The podcast panel will reconvene following the Christmas special, to air on December 25, 2015.  Until then!


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