Meet the (New) Moderator!- Krista

We here at Couch Potatoes Unite! just keep right on expanding, for the love of all things TV, much to our elation and enjoyment.  You have already heard several voices, old and continually new, on our podcasts!  Well, some of those voices have expressed desire to expand beyond their roles as panelists, and Chief Couch Potato Kylie is only too happy to oblige. As a result, from time to time, some of the voices will grab hold of the reins of moderating our panel-based podcast episodes. Because I don’t watch everything. Because I don’t always have time or interest.  Though, maybe I’ll be convinced to watch more by these additional reviews and discussions. Such is the life of a small screen enthusiast.

Anyway, another of our regular podcast panelists wanted to moderate a podcast as part of a newly created team of rotating moderators in one of our panels, and her first effort will be published tomorrow.  For now, read all about her (her info will also be accessible on the About page, reachable by the little square box in the upper left of the header).


Krista is from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and is delighted to be part of the CPU! Podcast family! She is on the panels for Downton Abbey, Orange Is The New Black, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Krista thinks that television, as a medium, is really coming into its own – the writing is getting so smart, and the stories are developed in a way that she does not believe would have been seen ten to twenty years ago. Krista’s favorites, in addition to the above, include dramas like The West Wing, Mad Men, Call the Midwife, and Gilmore Girls as well as shows like The IT Crowd and The Great British Bake-Off.

Krista is so pleased to be able to talk about wonderful programs with lovely people.  Stay tuned for her turn at the microphone moderating the season two podcast episode covering How to Get Away With Murder!

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