CPU! LIVE!: Top 5 TV Comedy Inspirations of No Outlet Improv Troupe


LIVE PODCAST! – Welcome to three brand new features at CPU! combined into one fandangly premiere package! Inspired by the movie High Fidelity, and CPU!’s very own Nick, today’s episode kicks both features into high gear, aided and abetted by guest panelists from Grand Rapids based No Outlet Improv Troupe, specifically Mike, TJ, Eirann, Kristin, Sean, and none other than Nick himself!

The first new feature is our LIVE! podcast. From time to time, when people want us to drop by, CPU! will go LIVE! and LIVE STREAMED to its Facebook page, bringing podcasts to your computer screens like our favorite shows come to TV screens across the nation. Since we’re a very theatrical bunch, this promises to be a real treat – or, at least, it will be something to throw tomatoes at from the comfort of your very own couch. Or your jazzercycle. Fitness first!

The second new feature is our Top 5. Top 5 will channel panel members’ best Rob Gordons by asking them to come up with their own top 5 TV shows or TV-related items around a painstakingly chosen theme. Then, as a group, the panelists will be forced to come up with a consensus, using their individual lists as starting points, that represents the panel at large. It should make for some feisty discussion, depending upon the topic.

The third new feature is that we’ve dropped “iTunes Podcast” from the feed titles, as we’re now Android friendly and on Google Play!!  Now all titles will just be simple titles of episodes.  Dreams really do come true!

This podcast was live streamed on August 8, 2016, with associated video; this is the audio recording of the event! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Play, iTunes, YouTube, and, naturally, our website, couchpotatoesunite.wordpress.com!


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