Upcoming Schedule!

Due to technical difficulties and lives behind the podcasts (this week is especially hectic, fellow couch potatoes), this week’s episode will be released tomorrow night! Our next four weeks of podcasts look like this:

This week: CPU! Live at Grand Rapids Comic-Con!, in which we replay our live appearance at Grand Rapids Comic-Con, audio style.  At the Con, our DCTU and Marvel’s Defenders panels joined forces to debate the Top 5 DC and Marvel Live Action Heroes and Villains. The entrance was dramatic and the debate spicy.  What were the results?  Find out tomorrow!

Next week: Dealer’s Choice Rerun – as the holidays approach, CPU! will be publishing some blog posts and rerunning some episodes, because couch potatoes celebrate holidays too.  Any requests? (Blog post on Tuesday; rerun on Wednesday).

The following week: American Horror Story Series, Episode Five, Season Five: Hotel, from our American Horror Story series panel (Wednesday release).

The week after that: Dealer’s Choice Rerun Part Deux – after all, the night before Thanksgiving is the biggest bar night of the year.  Don’t make us stay home just for a new podcast episode!

New episodes are coming down the pike, including new panels and new episodes from old panels.  Don’t miss them! Stay tuned!


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