Upcoming Schedule!

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Due to lives behind the podcasts (so many life reasons!), this week’s episode will be released tomorrow night! Our next four weeks of podcasts look like this:

This week: Sherlock Series, Episode One, Series 1-2 (Thursday).

Next week: Looking Back at Person of Interest (Wednesday)

The following week: Marvel’s Defenders Series, Episode Five, Marvel’s Iron Fist, Season 1 (Wednesday).

The week after that: It’s a surprise!  We have many surprises in store!

New episodes are coming down the pike, including new panels, such as for 13 Reasons Why, Sense8, and the Buffyverse, and new episodes from old panels, including How to Get Away with Murder, The Vampire Diaries, Grimm and the Full/er House Series.  Don’t miss them! Stay tuned!


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