PODCAST! – Around the Water Cooler: “Grimm” – The Goodbye Series, Part 1: The Season Six Recap (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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Moderator: Chief Couch Potato Kylie


Who: “Grimm” aired on network TV, specifically on NBC, for six seasons, from 2011-2017.

What: “Grimm,” a supernatural/fantasy drama, wherein supernatural forces, the stuff of nightmarish fairy tales and legends, are disguised as human beings, and only those descended from the original Brothers Grimm, can see – and fight – those beings and their true natures (for a more detailed Synopsis, read here: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/tv/grimm/summary.html).

When: Season Six aired from January 6, 2017, to March 31, 2017, on NBC.

Where: The show is set in Portland, Oregon.

Why:  The premise of this show has always been intriguing: Grimms are not weavers of fairy tales but are humanity’s last line of defense against the beasts and monsters that haunt our nightmares. This generation’s Grimm is a police detective who stumbles into his family legacy by accident and must adjust what is his mostly normal life to these new abnormalities.  The mythology in this show is steep, meaning it will always be a cult TV show at best, but cult TV tends to appeal to this group of CPU! panelists more than mainstream/non-cult TV, and none of us have been disappointed by Grimm so far…and we continue to be drawn into its mythical and magical world, as the show only gets better in the process.

How – as in How’s It Going? (THOUGHTS…at present)

CPU! last covered Grimm in January of this year, quickly catching loyal potatoes up on three seasons of the program after a hiatus from covering the cult favorite on the blog. To refresh, give a read or take a listen to our prior coverage:

The Season Three Premiere Recap

Seasons 3, 4, and 5 Reflections and Recap

In this entry, our Grimm panel, featuring frequent CPU! panelists Kristen, Nick, and Jen, engages in part one of a two-part CPU! series in which Couch Potatoes Unite! says our own protracted goodbye to this procedural fantasy horror drama about monsters and monster-hunters based upon the stories by the Brothers Grimm.  In the first part of this miniseries, our panelists delve deep into recapping Grimm’s final season, in which our characters battle “The Destroyer,” solve the mystery of the healing Grimm stick, and find relative happiness ever after by the end of the series.  In the second part, which will publish next week, CPU!’s Grimm panel will engage in one of our “Looking Back” discussions, during which we will reflect upon Grimm as a whole and whether we think this series will hold up over time or whether it was but a precious, fleeting moment in the annals of TV’s Friday fright nights.

In season six, Nick (David Giuntoli) faces his grimmest foe yet; squares off against Sean Renard (Sasha Roiz), still reaching for some type of power; and sorts through feelings for Eve, formerly known as Juliette (Elizabeth “Bitsie” Tulloch), while raising his son with current love and former enemy Adalind (Claire Coffee).  In the meantime, Nick, as he always has, battles the wesen that go bump in the night with the help of his police partner Hank (Russell Hornsby), Lt. Wu (Reggie Lee), and wesen power couple Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) and Rosalee (Bree Turner).  Thus, in this chapter “Around the Water Cooler,” our Grimm panel examines each of the main characters and discusses how we feel about the show’s swansong season, including the all-too-brief “20 Years Later” epilogue tag of the series finale and the touching, multilingual goodbye to fans.

This first part of our two-part Grimm goodbye was recorded in May 2017, and there are, without question, MAJOR SPOILERS, as the panelists cover key plot points of the sixth and final season.  In fact, our panel’s devotion to Grimm is as steadfastly loyal as it is to other genre shows that CPU! coversbased upon the program’s roots to the Brothers Grimm and to the history of monster stories throughout the ages.  Give the new episode a listen, see if you agree or disagree with our thoughts, and let us know what you think by commenting below!

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Remember, new episodes and blog posts are published weekly! Next week, we publish the second part of this two-part goodbye series, in which our Grimm panel looks back at the show as a whole in one last chat, for this particular panel and for this particular show, around the water cooler. Stay tuned!

Questions, Impressions, and Final Considerations

Old Questions

1) Will the Royals return in the sixth season?  If they do, what will be their aim?  Are they behind the wesen uprising organization known as “Black Claw?” Who is the ultimate head of “Black Claw?” Is Sean head of both now?  Why?

ANSWER: The Royals did not return; in fact, they seem rather extinct – a forgotten plot arc from this six-season series.  What’s more, the writers and producers never explained who founded Black Claw and whether or not those founders are/were connected to the Royals.  The show only served to confirm, via a convenient off-screen investigation by Trubel (Jacqueline Toboni), that Black Claw was officially defunct as of the season premiere or shortly thereafter.

2) What is the stick that Nick found in the Grimm treasure chest, and what part will it have to play in the coming episodes?  Does it only work when he touches it?  Is it meant for him or for any Grimm?  Is it divine in origin?  Where was it found?  Why do the Grimms have it? Can wesen use it?  Does it heal but also take life away?  So many questions have been raised!

ANSWER: The stick, with the magical healing powers, turns out to play a critical part in the final season.  What we learn is that the stick is a shard of a larger whole: a staff, in possession of a demon called Zerstorer (which is German for “The Destroyer”).  Zerstorer resides in a world beyond mirrors, a heaven or hell for wesen, in which they are voged all the time, though humans also exist in this looking glass dimension.  Zerstorer possesses the staff now, but Monroe pieces together that the staff has been passed around through the ages; in fact, whether it began with or was merely possessed by him, the staff at one point belonged to the biblical Moses, who carried commandments and parted seas.  The staff seems only to respond to Zerstorer, to Nick (or, perhaps, a Grimm), and to Diana, Adalind and Sean’s daughter.  The shard/staff plays a larger part in a prophecy foretelling the end of times, should Zerstorer obtain the shard, make the staff whole, and also marry his destined child bride, the all-powerful Diana.  

The show did not explain outright that the staff/shard is divine in origin, but as the staff is connected to Moses and to other biblical figures, like the David who slew Goliath, I think it is safe to assume that the power of the stick is, in fact, divine.  The show, however, does not explain how the staff came to appear, where Zerstorer came from, or how he came upon the staff himself.  We do know that the Grimms who fought in the Crusades found the shard stick and hid it in the Black Forest in Germany, accessible by the Grimm keys.  Wesen can use it, if the wesen in question is Diana, who is three quarters hexenbiest.  The shard can also destroy, particularly if arming the staff of Zerstorer.

Despite all the questions, the show and its writers did see fit to answer all of the questions (or most) pertaining to the series’ overarching mythology, though the ending sort of confused matters.  Listen to the podcast episode for details.

3) Will young Diana, who has grown at an alarming rate, be the “Big Bad” of the final season, with her bratty child demeanor and potent magical ability?  How will Adalind (and Sean) keep her in check?

ANSWER: Diana, fortunately, is not the Big Bad but is connected to said Big Bad by prophecy.  In fact, she figures into the proceedings like something of an Antichrist, Grimm-style: if she marries/mates with Zerstorer, the world this side of the mirror will end.  To her credit, Diana responds dutifully to Adalind and Sean, though they handle her with proverbial kid gloves.  After all, when set off, their daughter proves to be quite the little murderer.

4) Is Juliette still a hexenbiest? Will she be more Juliette-like since coming into contact with the magical Grimm healing stick?

ANSWER: Juliette, now Eve, remains a hexenbiest as of the final closing credits of the series, but as far as whether contact with the Grimm stick brought out her inner Juliette – undetermined.  Juliette/Eve seems to experience remnants of former emotions and memories of her love for Nick, but these fleeting feelings never last. In fact, at the last, she is willing to die for Nick, having no regrets about the paths their lives have taken.  Unfortunately, the epilogue fails to discuss how Juliette/Eve fares twenty years into the future.

5) Will there be a war between wesen and humans?  Did Black Claw and the resistance organization Hadrian’s Wall effectively incite one?  Are humans more aware of wesen now?

ANSWER: The short answer is no.  Apparently, Sean’s swift, marionette-like murder (courtesy of his daughter) of Bonaparte effectively ends anything to do with Black Claw, Hadrian’s Wall, or the potential war among wesen. Humans, at least those in Portland, further remain blissfully unaware of the innately monstrous inner qualities of their wesen neighbors.  If it smells like an abandoned plot line, it most likely is an abandoned plot line, or so the panel surmises in this podcast episode.

6) Will Nick end up with Juliette or will he be with Adalind, who he now also loves and who has custody of their son, Kelly (listen to the podcast for details)?  Will Adalind be able to return to Nick?

ANSWER: Survey says – Nick and Adalind!  Juliette/Eve, feeling no regret about the trajectory of her life and her split personality, does not pursue anything with former flame, Grimm Nick.  In fact, Adalind is swiftly able to return to Nick after Bonaparte’s death, and, following the ending events of the series finale, it is presumed by the panel that she and Nick raise their son Kelly to be a Grimm fighter like his father.

7) Does Sean really subscribe to Black Claw’s philosophies?  What will he do that he is now mayor, owing to the fact that he “got in bed” with Black Claw, who aims for wesen to live free as the creatures they are?  Who will be promoted to Captain of the South Precinct? Will Hank (Russell Hornsby)?  Will Wu (Reggie Lee)?  Will Nick?

ANSWER: In a complicated shuffling of allegiances and character motivations, we learn that, apparently, Sean bought in to that whole Black Claw mantra and is drunk on potential mayoral power, declaring Nick a fugitive and ordering his fellow police officers to search for, arrest, and detain Nick as the season begins. Nick, though, is a wily Grimm with a willing group of friends ready to help, and through the same hexenbiest ritual that led to Adalind’s pregnancy, Nick breathes through the Sorting Hat to take on the visage of one Captain/Mayor Sean Renard.  It is a risky venture, though, as Nick’s inherent Grimm-ness puts Nick in jeopardy of being Sean’s double permanently, but while playing doppelganger, he is able to stage a press conference, where Nick-as-Sean renounces his public office and abdicates as mayor as well as declares Nick free and clear of all criminal charges, thus leaving Sean to continue in his capacity as captain and to seethe at Nick from a much-too-close afar.

8) Is there a cure for Wu’s lycanthrope condition?  Rosalee said there wasn’t one, but she’s pretty resourceful with spices and teas.  What will happen to him?  What is he, really?

ANSWER: Apparently, there really is no cure, or none found within the six seasons of Grimm. As of the final moments of the series, Wu remains a lycanthrope – who, as panelist Jen pointed out, looks vaguely (and more) like a caveman rather than a werewolf.  And since the show fails to mention Wu’s fate in the epilogue, we presume he lives happily ever after – lycanthrope and all.

9) Rosalee is pregnant.  Will the baby be half blutbaten, half fuchsbau, or one or the other? Will she be able to have it, since wesen mixing is uncommon?

ANSWER: Well, it’s not so much the baby as the babies. Rosalee and Monroe make triplets, as it turns out, though what mixture of wesen they might be remains a mystery and one unsolved by the show’s writers.

10) Will baby Kelly be half hexenbiest (or zauberbiest), half Grimm, or one of the other?

ANSWER: We know Kelly grows up to be a Grimm like his dad; whether he has magical ability or not like his mom, the show did not say.

11) Will Hank finally find a woman or fall in love with one who doesn’t leave him or physically threaten his life in some way?

ANSWER: As of the series’ final moments, Hank is not romantically linked to anyone, but we think it’s safe to say that Hank is able to achieve some much needed self-love and appreciation during a farcical run-in with this show’s version of Cupid.  A little venomous spit, a little champagne, a mirror, and some Marvin Gaye will go a long way, am I right?!

12) What is at the end of the tunnels underneath Nick’s secret bunker apartment? Why did we spend so much time worrying about those tunnels, except to set up the other characters’ escape from Black Claw and Sean while Nick stayed behind to fight them when they descended upon the loft?

ANSWER: The tunnels are nothing more than a way out and to the surface above ground when the plot calls for such a convenience, a place to lay low when the characters need to hide (like Nick and Eve), and a place in which Eve can magically carve mysterious symbols on the underground walls as a result of her contact with the Grimm shard.  Lucky the tunnels were there, then, we guess.

13) What will Sean do to Nick, since Nick took out all of the Black Claw that came to kill him?

ANSWER: Sean tries to have Nick arrested and/or killed as the season starts and as described above, but when Nick pulls his magical body switcheroo and solves all of the ruckus and ado, Sean and Nick reach an uneasy detente, at least until they are forced to work together to protect their children from Zerstorer.

14) What will Nick do to Sean, since Adalind was coerced into leaving Nick with Kelly to be Sean’s political trophy wife and Diana’s caretaker with the promise that Adalind could be reunited with Diana?

ANSWER: Nick gets a few licks in while wearing Sean’s looks but ultimately chooses to keep his distance after the hullaballoo, for the sake of their precinct and their children.

15) Will baby Kelly grow as fast as Diana?  Or, was Diana augmented by the spell that Adalind underwent in season three to regain her hexenbiest abilities?  Will these young but presumably magical siblings have to duke it out somehow?  Will Kelly grow at an alarming rate?  Or, will the show time jump during the final season?

ANSWER: There are no answers to most of these questions.  The show did time jump in the epilogue, so we see Kelly first as a baby and then as a 20 year old man, in a trailer not unlike Aunt Marie’s trailer, previously torched by Juliette when she first assumes her hexenbiest abilities.  We don’t know how or why Diana came to be so powerful (except by prophecy), and the epilogue tells us that brother and sister get along fairly well in their grown up years.

16) How will the show end?  Will there be a “happily ever after” for our characters?  Will we lose someone this season?  How will these thirteen episodes shape up?

ANSWER: Zerstorer ends up killing everyone that Nick loves in succession, beginning in the penultimate episode with Wu and Hank at the precinct, followed by Juliette/Eve at the Spice Shop and Sean, Adalind, Monroe, Rosalee, and Trubel at the cabin where Nick first met/worked with Monroe in the pilot and where Nick, Adalind, and Sean are hiding the children from Zerstorer.  Zerstorer facilitates this carnage to entice Nick to give him the shard stick to complete the broken Staff, which Zerstorer needs whole in order to fulfill the prophecy of his world domination and creepy wedding to Diana.  Nick momentarily contemplates willingly volunteering the shard to Zerstorer’s reaching claw in order to bring back all who have died, after Zerstorer revives Trubel to show Nick that it is possible to have everyone back and alive with the Staff’s power.  Trubel resolves to stop Nick, and they get into a drag-out fight, Grimm versus Grimm.  Nick bests Trubel but meets the (spirit? embodiment? walking dead?) personages of his mom Kelly (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) and his Aunt Marie (Kate Burton), who not only convince him to do what’s right but go into battle with him, fighting alongside Nick and Trubel.  They defeat Zerstorer; Trubel doesn’t see Nick’s family, but powerful Diana does, as do Nick and Zerstorer.  The spirits of his family disappear as Nick resolves to revive everyone with the staff Zerstorer left behind (now whole with the shard). After Nick removes the cursed engagement ring from Adalind’s cold finger, ready to revive her, a portal opens instead, and Nick is drawn back to this world at a time when everyone is alive, at the point where Zerstorer originally came through the mirror before all the dying happened and without the Destroyer himself.  Only Diana knows what really happened, while Nick feels gratitude and relief that everyone is saved, though Monroe finds the staff, a new anomaly to this new present.  Also, Adalind wears no ring when Nick returns to this world.  It is a tearful moment, ringing of a cast goodbye.  Eve, who was temporarily not a hexenbiest after emerging from the mirror portal a first time without her wesen side, is restored.  Nick and Adalind remain forever together.  

In the Epilogue, we see Kelly Jr. writing in the Grimm books, telling the tale of his Dad’s heroic saving of the world (he also tells us how Trubel is related to Nick, in that she is his third cousin on his mother’s side).  Diana comes in and informs him that Dad-Nick, Mom-Adalind, and “the Triplets” are on the trail of a wesen.  They are clearly nice siblings to each other.  Diana magically closes the Grimm book.
The End.

17) Are Nick and Trubel related after all?  What does the ancient Grimm registry reveal?

ANSWER: We don’t get to see any glimpse of the registry, but Kelly Jr., in the Epilogue, confirms that Trubel is Nick’s third cousin on his mother’s side.

18) Will any of the characters end up dying?  The podcast panelists feel that Wu, Monroe, Rosalee, and Adalind are particularly susceptible to possible collateral self-sacrifice because of their histories (Wu has the strange lycanthrope disorder, Monroe and Rosalee constantly run into danger for Nick, and Adalind does the same for her children and may do something self-sacrificing for Nick or even for Juliette, as she has sometimes done in the past).

ANSWER: All of the characters survive, thanks to the magical, possibly divine, Grimm stick/shard/staff.  Monroe and Rosalee have the triplets, and everyone keeps on fighting wesen, at least for another twenty years… In other words, They Live Happily Ever After.  The End.  Again.

Lingering Questions

1.) Who were the Royals really, other than Sean’s biological family, and why were we forced to care about them for so many seasons if they were only going to be forgotten in the end?

2) What sorts of beings are Monroe and Rosalee’s triplets, and why did the show not bother to speculate upon this important detail?

3) Where are Hank, Wu, and Juliette/Eve in the epilogue?  They’re not worth a mention after all that?

4) How about a spin-off, Grimmsters?


Grimm became appointment television for our devout panelists, whether on Friday fright night or via Saturday morning Hulu doses.  Though never a perfect program or more than a cult favorite because of its steep mythological aspects and show-specific jargon, the fan base it cultivated in six years became tenacious, voracious, and loyal.

The entire panel recommends Grimm to anyone who likes anything about the fantasy or horror genres and advises that such genre nerds consider giving it a chance – or a second chance if the first chance didn’t quite sell the stable. Apart from some shaky continuity and several abandoned story threads – in fact, the most consistent continuity arises from how regularly the show abandoned some plot arcs without offering a deeper meaning to the overall narrative or a neat resolution to leave our panelists satisfied – Grimm remains well written and worth the look, with a decent, good-not-great, and ultimately satisfying denouement. Grimm goes out on a high note and no doubt earns at least one nostalgic re-watch, somewhere down the line.  Also: David Giuntoli is a handsome leading man, if those kinds of details matter to discerning viewers like you. 😉


Grimm has officially ended, but the CPU! Grimm podcast panel is not quite finished!  We will publish a second part to this mini podcast series saying goodbye to Grimm, in which we will Look Back at the series as a whole, next week! Stay tuned, subscribe, like, and follow to keep abreast of that publication, and tell us what you think in the comment forums.  What’s more, review us on iTunes, Stitcher Radio, Google Play, or YouTube, and check out our other podcast episodes related to a growing array of TV shows! Until next week!


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