RERUN! – Doctor Who, Series/Season Ten (MAJOR SPOILERS)

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This week, our grateful gaggle of Couch Potatoes gives thanks and goes on holiday. Hey, podcasters need vacations too! Because we have other TV to watch and a possibly desperate need for mashed potatoes, and because it’s too hard to edit with the distracting smells of holiday cooking wafting, we offer a rerun of this episode, originally published in 2018.  We do so because we’re thankful for our two-hearted Doctor friend, who has persevered for over 50 years, and we think you should be as well. More to the point, next week, we will be Around the Water Cooler, Looking Back at the Cold War with the erstwhile FX spy-drama, The Americans. Following that, our Schitt’s Creek and Star Trek panels return to the Water Cooler, pre-Christmas vacation, to talk Season 5 and the Animated Series, respectively. Stay tuned!

—Original Synopsis—

A new podcast episode of Couch Potatoes Unite!, which is based on a blog of the same name hosted at In this episode, recorded in July 2018, our panel of stalwart Whovians – including moderator Kylie, Kristen, Nick, Sarah, Hilary, and Kyle – is Around the Water Cooler and recapping Series/Season Ten of Doctor Who, i.e. Peter Capaldi’s last season as the titular Doctor. If you haven’t viewed the series through the 2017 Christmas Special, be aware that there are MAJOR SPOILERS! Tell us what you think, and/or if there are other shows you’re interested in CPU! covering, below; email us at:; or check out our Guestbook at the website, our Facebook page, our Twitter (@cpupodcast), or our Instagram (@couchpotatoesunite). Until next time, until next episode…buh bye!

Executive Producer/Chief Couch Potato: Kylie C. Piette
Associate Producers: Krista Pennington and Selene Rezmer

Editor: Kylie C. Piette
Logo: Rebecca Wallace
Marketing Graphic Artist: Krista Pennington

Theme Song:
Written by: Sarah Milbratz
Singers: Sarah Milbratz, Amy McDaniel, Kelsey Rezmer
Keyboard: Kelsey Rezmer
Bass: Ian McDonough
Guitar: Christian Somerville
Engineer/Production: Kyle Aspinall/Christian Somerville

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