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Because this site is devoted to television viewing and water-cooler related afterthoughts, I offer an ad hoc index to some of the entry types that may appear on this blog:


This category discusses shows CPU! contributors are currently watching, which is also handily listed in short form on this page.  Posts may cover season beginning updates, landmark episodes, cliffhangers, season/series finales, and anything else we may feel like discussing.  Please feel free to join in!  No one likes talking to themselves for very long.


Discoveries involve shows that CPU! contributors have discovered after the fact.  These programs have already aired first runs and may or may not enjoy afterlives in syndication or Netflix’s less-than-current library.  We anticipate that these will actually be rare types of entries written, as at least Kylie generally does not try to “discover” TV shows when the standard fall to spring TV season is in effect.  These types of series will only be covered when consumed and digested in their entirety, as we doubt that anyone would want to read prattle about episodes that are old news at best.


In 2009 and in 2014, Entertainment Weekly compiled a list of the 25/26 greatest cult TV shows of all time. In 2004 and 2007, TV Guide did the same.  These shows boast quirky, unique, or heady premises and very specific audiences. This category will focus almost exclusively on that list, though the list may expand as we encounter other worthwhile cultist TV shows.  Posts will likely cover series as a whole and/or landmark episodes.


In 2013, TV Guide and other notable entertainment rags compiled a list of the 100 best well-written shows (click here).  The entries will focus upon the writing specifically and may or may not have entailed watching the entire series.


These are series that CPU! contributors would never have found without the recommendation of a few good men and women in his/her personal circles (which may include you, if you feel so inclined).  We will generally post these reviews after the first season of viewing, as these entries will focus on general impressions.  If we like the series in question, it may be folded into one of the other categories.


Netflix and Hulu and Amazon are all in the game of producing original content for their streaming libraries, for better or for worse.  These entries will focus specifically on such content, at any stage we want to write/talk about them.


This category will cover new shows, viewed right after the pilot, as well as older shows viewed after the pilot but long after the show has been on the air for awhile or come and gone (because we’re always catching up).  Again, the posts will probably offer general impressions, and if the show sticks, it will be folded into one of the other categories.


This category is a quick entry to gauge life of shows, usually in bulk, usually during “Sweeps” months, or at least at season’s beginning, middle, and end, when renewals and cancellations typically are determined.  Also, CPU! gets this information from other sources, so we take no credit for what we learn – only for disseminating the information to inquiring minds like mine.


Having recently become an honest to goodness Whovian, Chief Couch Potato Kylie decided to make it her new-found obsession official by revisiting Classic Doctors, as potentially painful for a younger generation Whovian as it might be to do so.  When others were encouraging me to find Doctor Who, as an aficionado of science fiction and, separately, British type wares (and this was a combination of the two, no less), I had proposed going back to the beginning in the off but was convinced to start with the 2005 revival (i.e. Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor, the Ninth) because the Classic episodes would be nothing but “stilted stories and bad special effects.”  As an erstwhile Trekkie, though, at least insofar as I’ve watched all of those series except Quantum Leap Star Trek (i.e. Enterprise – I couldn’t get into that one), my argument has always been that a better appreciation for the newer series comes from watching what was the foundation, basis, and origin point. Besides, there are some honest to goodness downright legendary classic Trek episodes, so why wouldn’t there be the same from classic Who?  The only problem is: since I’m delving at most fifty years into the past, I’m in for a rough journey, one that will be bumpy with the onset of the television era and episodes lost to the ether, no thanks to the BBC.  So, these entries will be devoted to fond reviews of serials within the Who television episode order, i.e. entire story arcs rather than episodic reviews.  They will be short because those classic episodes were short.  This will also prompt me to, one day, re-watch Doctors 9-11, if they are still numbered as such, and 12, as he will overlap too.  Hopefully, they will be funny and enlightening. They might also contain spoilers, sweetie.  Just keep that in mind.


This category will cover shows that, by recommendation from either close personal people types or some entertainment rag that pretends to be my friend, we need to get going on (and which is currently on the air)… This category will focus on whether or not we continue to watch, despite the swallowing-whole consumption rate of the program in question.


This type of blog entry will reminisce about shows gone by that we have watched (or rewatched) and enjoyed, despite their absence from other lists or categories covered above.  We may choose to rewatch a series for this entry, or we may not, but you can bet that we will most likely really like or love the show in question. Hopefully, these entries will highlight what’s good and bad, and why you should make this show one of your discoveries, if you already haven’t.  Nostalgia is nice, anyway.


This type of blog entry will be written as if Chief Couch Potato Kylie was writing a Letter to the Editor or Dear John letter to a soon-to-be ex.  This will be a general reaction piece, for latent reactions to shows, since I fall behind so much.  They will be equal parts funny and serious.  I hope.


Chief Couch Potato Kylie decided that she will start watching SNL from the beginning.  It may take me the rest of my life to watch it, but in the meantime, I will record a short overview of highlights and low-lights about each episode.  Because I can.


Proof that everything evolves, our blog has expanded into a full-blown podcast!  Come join the growing CPU! round table of panelists as we discuss some of our favorite shows in a good old friendly table chat, often including reactions and opinions versus any deep analysis, though we occasionally entertain deep analysis too (similar to the Water Cooler content on the blog). Because sometimes it’s easier on the eyes to just listen?  That, and we think you’ll have as much fun listening as we do talking about it. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong, though.

15) BEST OF!

Around here, we love lists.  We are going to watch all of these shows someday.  And we’re going to talk about them – or die in the attempt!  Play the game or die trying!  We’ll be including separate pages in our upper left menu as we compile these reviews and discussions.  You dig?

TV Guide’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time (2002)

TV Guide Magazine’s 60 Best Series of All Time (2013)

Empire Magazine’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time (2008)

Empire Magazine’s 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time (2016)

The Hollywood Reporter’s 100 Favorite Shows

Time Magazine’s All-Time 100 TV Shows

Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

As these are watched, the entries will focus upon the overall purported greatness of the show and may or may not have entailed watching the entire series.  Once any one list is covered, we’ll do a special about whether we agree with the list!

16) CPU! LIVE!

We’ve become a bit big for our britches, and so we thought: blog to podcast?  Podcast to vid-cast!  That’s right.  From time to time, when people want us to drop by, we will appear to record something LIVE and LIVE STREAMED (at our Facebook page), so you’ll be able to not only hear us but see us as well.  We’ve already started…but remember, okay hey! The camera adds ten pounds! (Most of it will be hot air).

17) THE TOP 5

Inspired by the movie High Fidelity and CPU! panelist Nick, this feature will be done in podcast format only.  The Top 5 will channel panel members’ best Rob Gordons by asking them to come up with their own top 5 TV shows or TV-related items around a painstakingly chosen theme.  Then, as a group, the panelists will be forced to come up with a consensus, using their individual lists as starting points, that represents the panel at large.  It should make for some feisty discussion, depending upon the topic.  The consensus top 5 will be presented in the podcast description, which is kind of a big spoiler, but then you’re here to listen to the podcast episode and all of the meaty, juicy discussion (and potential arguments)….right?

18) VS!

Two shows, topics, characters, universes, themes, etc. are pitted against each other, and aspects of each side of the “Vs.” equation are debated by a panel, either live or in one of our recorded audio podcast episodes. The panels will, most times, have an odd number of panelists in each session because the moderator will contribute to the debates but will also mainly be responsible for timekeeping, tallying winners, and, above all, tie breaking. Then, at the end of each debate, one side of the Vs. contest will be declared the winner in terms of overall success around the question or topic at hand! What’s more, the plan is to couple the audio recording of this feature with some type of video recording, be it of the panelists themselves and/or of a slideshow or presentation with nice pictures and graphics.

Other entry types may appear as I develop this blog/site, but, for now, these are enough with which to get started.  Thanks for reading!

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